Audio Research G series

Audio Research introduces the G-Series, an homage to the great astronomer and scientist Galileo Galilei and a new exploration into the past of Audio Research. As the world’s oldest continuous manufacturer of vacuum tube electronics, Audio Research takes the collective knowledge of over 44 years of experience in high performance audio and focuses it on a new series aimed at providing the finest music reproduction. G-Series represents a continuation of refining performance in a beautiful design aesthetic. Inspired by classic Audio Research components from the 1970’s, the appearance is modern yet immediately familiar. Much as Audio Research has expanded the boundaries of what is possible in music reproduction, the Galileo series adds a visual refinement and elegance befitting the performance of the series.
The G-series will debut with three products. The GSPre is a full-function vacuum-tube preamplifier combining a line and phono sections, with a revelatory headphone section for more intimate listening. Built around a sophisticated balanced circuit, with great connectivity and ease of use, the GSPre provides great flexibility in addition to its sublime sound.
The GS150 vacuum-tube stereo amplifier is able to drive virtually any loudspeaker with a sense of dynamics and authority that belie its power rating of 150 watts-per-channel. There is an effortless finesse that can bring any music collection to life. Three large analog meters display output power for each channel, and power line voltage. 
This is the first Audio Research product to utilize the new KT150 output tube.
Integrating a preamplifier, amplifier, phono stage, and digital-to-analog converter all in one chassis, the vacuum-tube GSi75 unites with your favorite speaker to deliver a singular and simple solution to control your listening system. Unlike other integrated designs that make performance-sacrificing compromises to fulfill a price point or form factor, the GSi75 harnesses the power and technologies developed by Audio Research into an authoritative platform to reveal the glorious performance contained in your media, digital or analog. The new KT150 output tube is also featured in the GSi75.