SYSTEM: 3 way floorstanding vented box loudspeaker.

CABINET: Elliptical shape design, multilayer, constrained-mode damping, enclosure formed using hand selected wood layers, quality graded and oriented for carefully optimized resonances control.Sub-structural ribs are strategically placed for absolute rejection of spurious vibrations.

TWEETER: 33 mm ultra dynamic linearity neodymium ring radiator driver, with dual toroidal wave-guide.Natural wood acoustic labyrinth rear chamber, with mechanical anti-resonator synergycally designed and integrated “acoustic ambient”.

MIDRANGE:150 mm ultra dynamic linearity driver.CCAW/Kapton “eddy current free” voice coil.Dynamically linear magnetic field motor incorporating Kellog and Faraday rings.All moving elements optimally ventilated for “resonance free” response.Designed synergistically with its vented “acoustic chamber”.

WOOFERS: 260 mm lightweight Aluminium/Magnesium alloy cone driver in an acoustically amorphous vented chamber.A dual Faraday copper ring long-throw motor system with a 2” “eddy current free” voice coil is implemented for an ultra dynamic performance and linearity.Special coaxial anti-compressors are used, designed to remove cavity resonance and distortions.

CROSS-OVER: Special multi slope structure with optimized phase/amplitude response. The impedance at low frequencies is controlled for a clear amplifier friendly performance.A unique structured precious metal alloy conductors used, totally coherent on the entire signal path. Cross-over points 300 Hz - 4.000 Hz.

FREQUENCY RESPONSE:22 Hz - 40.000 Hz, tuning ports included.

92 dB SPL (2,83 V/1m).


POWER HANDLING: 30W - 300W, without clipping.

AVAILABLE FINISHES: Red violin, Walnut, Graphite.

DIMENSIONS: 1370 x 655 x 500 mm (HxWxD).


WEIGHT: 151,8 Kg per pair - net weight / 198,6 Kg per pair-shipping weight