701 monoamplifier


Two amplifier channels can be used either in "Mono-Mode" or in "Dual-Mode". They work perfectly load stable and 100% level and phase accurate like in the soulution 711 with shortest signal paths and no excessive open loop gain as often associated with solid state amplification. The soulution 701 mono­amplifier is an ultra-fast and ultra wideband design (2MHz/-3dB) and provides peak current ratings that would never be possible with a tube design. The unique concept of the soulution 701 mono­amplifier combines seemingly contradicting qualities. Precision, Velocity, Stability and Power. The soulution 701 is closest of all to this ideal. As monoblock design it is capable of up to 1'200W of continuous power (into 4Ω) and more than 12000W of transient power. More than enough to breathe new sonic life into even the most demanding, low-efficiency loudspeakers.

To deliver these impressive power levels we have used bridged amplifiers. Optimized mech­anical construction ensures both amplifier circuits are perfectly balanced, sharing identical thermal conditions and ideal grounding. When no music is playing an intelli­gent control system auto­matically lowers the quiescent current. And when loudspeakers dictate bi-amping, the soulution 701 mono­amplifier can be easily switched to this mode. We think of it as tailor-made amplification.

Power supply
The new power supply of the soulution 701 mono­amplifier is based on audio grade "switched mode" modules. Four units with 600VA each combined with highend storage capacitors (>1'000'000 microFarad) provide enough power reserves that allow the 701s reproduce even very complex music signals with ease. Circuitry that does not process audio signals should not be able to influence them. That’s why we use dedicated power supplies within each mono­amplifier for the ancillary stages.

Power, mode and input functions are operated from front panel buttons. Power toggles between on and off states. Mode transfers control of turn-on to an associated preamplifier via soulution’s LINK system. Input selects the desired input and mutes the others.

Connectors and start-up options
The soulution 701 mono­amplifier features both unbalanced and balanced inputs. A balanced output can slave the music signal through to other amplifiers. Rear panel switches allow setting of display brightness, start-up options and bridged or bi-amping modes. The LINK system connectors are also located at the rear. 

Key features:
- Audio grade "Switched Mode" power supply (4 x 600VA )
- More than 1'000'000 µFarad storage capacity in the power supply unit
- Peak current rating of more than 120 Ampere
- Impulse power rating > 12'000 Watt



Power rating

Audio power rating

Dual-Mode: 2× 150 W @ 8 Ω

Mono-Mode: 1 × 600 W @ 8 Ω

Dual-Mode: 2 × 300 W @ 4 Ω

Mono-Mode: 1 × 1.'200 W @ 4 Ω

Dual -Mode: 2 × 600 W @ 2 Ω

Standby consumption

Dual-Mode: <0.5 W

Mono-Mode: <0.5 W

Idle consumption

Dual-Mode: 180-250 W

Mono-Mode: 180-250 W



Dual-Mode: xlr 2.3 kΩ

Mono-Mode: xlr 2.3 kΩ

Dual-Mode: cinch 4 kΩ

Mono-Mode: cinch 4 kΩ


Dual-Mode:1.38 Vrms

Mono-Mode: 1.38 Vrms



Dual-Mode: 0.001 Ω

Mono-Mode: 0.001 Ω

Voltage max. rating

Dual-Mode:35 Vrms

Mono-Mode: 70 Vrms

Current max. rating

Dual-Mode: >120 A

Mono-Mode: >120 A

Peak pulse power rating

Dual-Mode: >2×6'000 W

Mono-Mode: >1×12.000 W


Voltage gain

Dual-Mode: +26 dB

Mono-Mode: +32 dB

Frequency response

Dual-Mode: DC-1 MHz

Mono-Mode: DC-2 MHz

Slew rate

Dual-Mode: 400 ns

Mono-Mode: 200 ns

Distortions (THD+N) @ 1kHz

Dual-Mode: <0.001 %

Mono-Mode: <0.00015 %

Signal-to-Noise-Ratio (SNR) @ 1kHz

Dual-Mode: >107 dB

Mono-Mode: >101 dB

Damping factor @100kHz

Dual-Mode: > 10.000

Mono-Mode: > 5.000


Lenght x Width x Height

Dual-Mode:585 x 560 x 306 mm

Mono-Mode: 585 x 560 x 306 mm


Dual-Mode: 75 kg

Mono-Mode: 75 kg