The Theatre


The Theatre mono power amplifier maximizes all our efforts with more power, more dynamics and greater flexibility. The full-sized chassis allows us to use larger transformers and bigger caps and resistors, delivering greater control and detail.
The result is 70 watts of pure pentode output per channel built around a pair of 12AU7 on input/driver tubes and four EL34/6CA7 power tubes in parallel push-pull configuration. We do implement a very modest amount of global negative feedback to make the amp rock solid. We also use a high power, low impedance, solid state rectification circuit followed by a massive pi network using the highest quality caps and custom made choke. In the signal path are only high quality metallised polypropylene coupling capacitors.

Technical specifications
Input stage (1ch): 12AU7-ECC82
Driver stage (1ch): 12AU7-ECC82
Output stage (1ch): 4 x 6CA7-EL34
Input impedance: 100 Kohm
Configuration: Parallel Push-Pull pentode configuration
Power output: 70W into 6 ohm AB class
Load: 6 ohm
Sensitivity: 700mV Rms for max power
Signal/Noise ratio: >90dB, A weighted
Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz - 0.5dB

Front: Led
Rear: Male power sck, fuse protection, On-Off switch, RCA input connector, binding posts.
Finish: Ecologically sensitive lacquer
Dimensions: (w,d,h) 320x220x160mm
Weight: 12 Kg
Power consumption: 250W Max