From the moment of switch on, a Phosphorus green emerald glow slowly emanates from the Onda's display. The sense's are divided between the sweet sound of the notes that are captured in the ether and yet reproduced authentically to the original. We searched to produce a product that aesthetically has the unmistakable style of the traditional, and yet encloses in its core many innovative and at the same time revolutionary technical solutions.
The sound superiority finds expression in all of our products and is the result of our long acoustic search aimed to continually improve of all the characteristics Hi-Fi .
Planned and constructed in order to make listening from the radio an experience of optimal enjoyment, the ONDA is a tuner that uses an analogue section of reception with the visualisation of the level of tuning strength by means of magical eye type valve, the 6E5C.
The widely graded and easy to read tuning scale allows the immediate identification of the frequency.
The precise tuning is a tactile movement of the solid control knob which allows both speed and finesse in one flowing operation.
We believe that the ONDA will present a logical addition to the Synthesis range. 

Technical specifications

Total Audio distortion: < 0.1%

Signal/Noise ratio: >80dB

Stereo Separation: >30dB

Muting (-100dBm): 2.2uV

19KHz rejection: 40dB

38KHz rejection: 80dB

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz +-3dB

Audio output level: 1.0V

Output lmpedance: 600!

Tube output stage: 12AU7/ECC82

Magic eye: 6E5C (green)

FM tuning range: 87.5 to 108.0 MHz

FM sensitivity (IHF/75!): 1.5uV

Selectivity: 250KHz -60dB

80KHz -3dB

AM tuning range: 520 to 1680 KHz

Selectivity: +- 5KHz -3dB
+- 9KHz -60dB

Front: Sintonia knob, AM-FM switch, magic eye, tuning scale.

Rear: On-Off switch, male power sck, RCA output gold plated connectors, Antenna AM, femal coax sck for FM antenna, protection fuse.

Power consumption: 35W Max

Finish: Ecologically sensitive lacquer

Dimensions: (w,d,h) 320x220x60mm

Weight: 5.0 Kg