General specs

  • Type: Unsuspended, belt-driven turntable with integral tonearm, outboard motor controller, and screw-down clamp
  • Dimensions: 20 5/8″ x 8″ x 12 7/16″
  • Weight: 56.4 lbs.


  • Lorenzi 2-pulse, low-speed brushless, precision 24v DC motor with auxiliary reluctance moment
  • Sintered bronze bearings
  • Cured and polished axis
  • Motor housing acoustically decoupled from plinth via 5 rubber/metal mounts

Record clamp

  • True reflex style
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Inverted threaded attachment to decoupled spindle


  • Decoupled spindle, 2-piece construction
  • CNC machined in house using aircraft grade aluminum
  • Weighted rim for enhanced flywheel effect
  • 12.5″ (318mm) diameter, 24.25 lbs. (11Kg) weight

Platter bearing

  • Hardened 16mm axle bearing, CNC machined ground and lapped
  • Two-sealed, hydro-dynamically lubricated radial bearings with axial bearings featuring static lubrication
  • Stainless steel sub-platter interfaces with platter

Wood skirt

  • American cherry hard wood, hand-built in Germany
  • Piano black high-gloss finish, hand-built in Germany


  • CNC machined in house using 25mm aircraft grade aluminum
  • 3 adjustable and retractable steel-copper spikes in aluminum feet
  • Built-in spirit level
  • Optional hardwood trim

Electronics control

  • 33.3, 45, and 78 rpm speeds with electronic on/off
  • Backlit capacitive buttons change color with function
  • Precision speed adjustment for each speed



  • Dual-pivot design replaces the standard gimbaled bearing
  • Vertical bearing, similar to a technique used in the rotor heads of helicopters
  • Uses two .5mm thick “spring steel wires,” allowing fine azimuth adjustment while eliminating bearing play
  • Horizontal axle is a hardened tool steel, precision ground to a backlash-free git with a needle roller bearing
  • It is extremely precise, maintenance free, and never requires adjustment


  • Aircraft quality
  • Anodized aluminum tube for resonance control
  • 12 gram effective mass


  • 2-piece with Teflon decoupled sleeve

Copper Internal Wiring:

  • Multiple gauges of high quality copper

Magnetic Anti-skating:

  • Decoupled via ring magnet and 2-bar magnets
  • Magnetic fields isolated in our patented bearing housing


  • Precision locking system allowing easy adjustment during play


  • Machined solid aluminum
  • Bayonet mount with overhang calibration
  • Pre-cut for AMG and Graham fixed mount
  • Custom cutouts available