Q-Damper Feet


Like all mechanical components, those that make up a hi-fi system produce a great deal of vibration. Turntables, CD Players, pre-reach the original musical signal undo, in turn, distort it often to a quite considerable degree. Unfortunately, it is impossible to eliminate this vibration, but with the help of the right accessory it can be greatly reduced.
The "Q-DAMPER" is made of a special graphite compound an inert material which cut vibrations across its chemical structure.
The "Q-DAMPER L.E" can be used with hi-fi components to help reduce much of the distortion which is normally produced, especially in the low and medium to low frequency ranges and, in turn, it can help restore to the sound much of its original transparency and clarity.They are especially effective used under CD and Analogue source equipment and Speakers.
As with all A.R.T. products, the effect is increased the more they are used throughout the system, to be able to preventing external vibrations from feeding into components and loudspeakers, and preventing internal vibrations from affecting critical source performance.

Disc Mat Technical Informations

Dimensions: 45 x 45 x18 mm

Weight: 320 gr. Box 4 pcs. Set

Box 3 pcs. Set

Box 4 pcs. Set