J1 turntable & SL5 arm


Technical Information

  • Metacrylate, lead, delrin, tungsten carbide: no ringing materials.
  • Minimum, solid and neutral forms of the parts.
  • No "guitar box" effect - double "U" design.
  • Maximum static and dynamic balancing.
  • Accepts any pivoting or straight line tonearm; detachable arm mounting plate, different cut-outs available.
  • 8 kg platter (1.5 tons inertia), machined from 3 sheets: metacrylate/lead (6.5 kg)/ metacrylate.
  • Concave top shape (30 mn angle) and metacrylate mat interface.
  • Inverted bearing with rotation at the platter center of gravity, single delrin sleeve and one tungsten carbide ball.
  • 6 kg subchassis machined from metacrylate and lead, increasing thickness from the edge to the center according to static force diagram, very high rigidity.
  • Subchassis horizontal adjustment from the top.
  • Additional lead counterweights to balance any arm.
  • New suspension type on three large diameter springs called "double compliance suspension" perfect and opticaly verifiable vertical balancing, improved damping, 'only one way out for vibrations' to complete mechanical grounding, resonance less than
    3 Hz.
  • Base in metacrylate, two sets of adustable feet (delrin or spikes), internal accessories storage for feet, counterweight, extra belt, spirit level, etc.
  • Integrated and independent motor enclosed in a 3 kg lead block.
  • Belt drive with counterpulley.
  • Electronic speed controls, integrated panel controls.
  • Separate power supply, connected with neutrik connectors.
  • Removable cover.
  • Black metacrylate or precious wood finish.
  • Dimensions: 500 x 450 x 200 mm
  • Weight: 20 kg.