The ZV8 turntable was designed and engineered using proven engineering techniques to eliminate resonance and standing wave vibration. It’s plinth’s unique cut away shape; sharp curves and untraditional angles are all done in the name of vibration elimination. This paired with mixing other materials such as POM, brass, Teflon, and a acrylic platter effective deadens the plinth so it doesn’t carry or amplify and unwanted vibration to your cartridge. 

With the ZV8 we also followed the same philosophy going to great lengths to eliminate vibrations. First step we took solid billet aircraft grade aluminum and milled it with a diamond tipped milling blade with the  result being a super fine grid free finish that won’t pick up resonance. Secondly on the underside of the platter we contoured machined the platter on a gradient again to dissipate vibrations.  Finally we isolated the platter and bearing from the plinth using a 15mm acrylic cuff which the bearing effectively sits on so it has no direct contact with the plinth.   This combination of processes allows our clients to use the ZV8 with or without a rubber mat and gives them the option to use other options other than rubber with the aluminum platter.

ZV8 comes standard with a combination of choices using our Aeshna series aluminum and carbon tonearms and we offer an optional adaptor for a second Aeshna arm or can provide fittings for other premium tonearms and vintage arms up from 9.5-12 inches.

The ZV8 also comes standard with a fully independent motor supply in a 2kg aluminum housing regulated by an AC regenerating circuit, which allows for a perfect AC current that can be slightly adjusted at 33.3 & 45rpm. This option allows users to get the absolute most out of their listening experience free from swapping pulleys or belts.

General Specification 


Material: CNC machined 6061 solid aluminum

Thickness: 16.20mm

Dimensions: L470/W420/H70 

Measurements are based on longest points of table.

Finish: Fine sandblast / anodized satin black

Resonance control 1: Acrylic disc sandwich (5.0mm)

Resonance control 2: POM arm socket

Foot: Solid 6061 aluminum with copper  spike

Weight without platter: 14.0kgs


Material: Engineered thermoplastic (POM) Black

Thickness: 60mm machined/contoured

Diameter: 299mm

Bearing cap: Stainless steel, JIS standard bronze insert

Teflon thrust plate and silicone suspension

Bearing shaft: Stainless steel with oil reservoir cu

Weight: 6.2kgs

Motor & Housing

Material: CNC machined 6061 solid aluminum block

Dimensions: L96/W95/H98 (mm)

Finish: Fine sandblast / anodized satin black

16V/ low torque 50/60Hz with delrin pulley

Foot: Industrial grade rubber (non marking)

AC Power cable: Shielded/detachable

Belt: Industrial grade silicone

Weight: 1.8kgs

Speed Regulator


Fine pitch control adjustment

100-240V, 50/60Hz Universal power supply

Material: Aluminum 6061

Finish: Fine sandblast- anodized satin black

Dimensions: L180/D200/H65 (mm)

Foot: Rubber non-marking

Weight: 2.0kgs

Total weight

24.0 kgs