DS W2 optical phono cartridge + equalizer


Specifications and Features

The DS-W2’s specifications as provided are channel separation of 25dB or more (at 1kHz), output signal level of 500mV or higher, with a required needle pressure of between 1.6g and 1.8g while the cartridge with its aluminium body weighs in at 8.1g.

The DS-W2 comes packaged with an ultra-engineered outboard equalisation component, termed the ‘Equalizer’. The Equalizer has been designed with a huge capacitor bank, the equal of many amplifiers, and features 12 capacitors, each rated at 56,000 micro-farads. That’s approximately 700,000 micro-farads of capacitance (yes, you read it right), all connected via a pure copper bus bar of 1.5mm thickness which provides efficient power transfer and shielding from the large onboard transformer. The Equalizer features RCA unbalanced input and both RCA unbalanced and XLR balanced outputs. Its output impedance is quoted as 120 ohms and the unit weighs in at 12kg.